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The Haskell Family Association (HFA) holds reunions periodically. The most recent reunion was in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, on July 31 - August 2, 2015.





HFA Reunion at Gettysburg, PA
June 17-18, 2011

The reunion began on Friday evening with a social hour followed by dinner at the Gettysburg Hotel. Tom Haskell gave an after-dinner talk on "Nine Brothers - Seven Served in the Civil War." You can download the slides for this talk as a pdf file here. On Saturday morning, we boarded a bus for a Haskell-oriented tour of the battlefield, led by our guide, Ed Guy. Everyone received a handout that showed a map of the battlefield together with a list of all Haskells who fought at Gettysburg. The tour of the Soldiers' National Cemetery and battlefield was outstanding. Following an afternoon of free time, we met at the Inn at Herr Ridge for a business meeting and farewell dinner. At the after-dinner raffle, Jane Haskell won the autographed book, The Civil War by Ken Burns. Another very successful Haskell reunion!

View pictures from the reunion by clicking on the arrows at the center-right and center-left of the photo. You can select a single picture by clicking on Pictures in the upper-right corner.

Group photo at the Soldiers' National Cemetery at the gravesite of James M. Haskell.

The Tom Haskell clan having dinner at The Pub on Thursday night.

Louisa Stone and Edie Haskell welcoming David Haskell at the registration table.

Board meeting in the ballroom of the Gettysburg Hotel.

Kris, Emerson and Louisa Stone.

Jim Senif and Penny (Haskell) Allen.

Robert D. (Bob) Haskell and Richard K. (Dick) Hascall.

Maureen and Alan Lantis.

Marlene Haskell, Jane Haskell, and Judy Haskell.

Mickey and Hank Watts.

Helen and Sanford Haskill.

Roz Evans, Trueman Haskell, and Frank Haskell.

Sam Haskell and Edwin Haskell.

Tim Oliver and Virginia (Ginger) Haskell.

Penny Allen, Jim Senif, and Carey Haskell.

Edie Haskell and Loretta Haskell.

Louisa Stone chatting with Edwin Haskell.

Sam Haskell and Emerson Stone.

Richard and Dianne Hascall.

Bob and Kathy Haskell.

Brian Haskell, Maureen and Alan Lantis.

A 14th generation descendant from Roger(1) with David and Elthel Haskell

The two young cousins.

In foreground: Frank Haskell, Kate and Edwin Haskell, Sam Haskell.

Bill Sweeney and Donna Brunstad.

David (Wiskers) Haskell and Marda Buchholz.

Saralinda Newbury and Jane Haskell.

Ted and Ben Haskell.

Tom Haskell giving a talk on "Nine Brothers - Seven Served in the Civil War" after dinner on Friday.

Starting our battlefield tour with our guide, Ed Guy.

The tour begins on the east side of the Soldiers' National Cemetery

Walking through the Soldiers' National Cemetery.

Ed Guy talking to our group.

Our stop at Oak Ridge.

Our luxury tour bus.

On Little Round Top.

Looking toward Seminary Ridge from Little Round Top.

Little Round Top.

Marda Buchholz with Edie and Dick Haskell at the Saturday night dinner at the Inn at Herr Ridge.

David (Wiskers) Haskell and Penny Allen holding an autographed copy of Chronicles of the Haskell Family by Ira Haskell.

Our newest HFA member, Alfred E. Thesmar with his wife Hilary and shy son.

Dick Haskell gets help drawing the raffle tickets after dinner on Saturday.

Mary Mears-Haskell accepts the winning raffle prize for her mother-in-law, Jane Haskell - an autographed copy of The Civil War by Ken Burns

David Haskell wins a copy of the book "1861" in the raffle.

Bob Haskell wins a framed Haskell coat of arms in the raffle.

In the raffle, Carey Haskell wins two sets of photos of The Haskell House in West Gloucester, MA.

Donna Brunstad wins a large copy of the William Haskell family tree in the raffle.

Sam Haskell wins a copy of the book "They Met at Gettysburg" in the raffle. He won two other items - a hat trick!

Collecting all the used raffle tickets.

Edie Haskell and Marda Buchholz.

Emerson and Kris Stone.

Saralinda Newbury, Ben Haskell, Elisabeth Haskell, and John Voris.

David (Wiskers) Haskell rode his motorcycle from New Hampshire to the reunion in Gettysburg.






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