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The Haskell Family Association (HFA) holds reunions periodically. The most recent reunion was in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, on July 31 - August 2, 2015.




Reunion at Chicago, Illinois, USA, August 4-6, 1995 .

A complete review of this reunion was published in the Haskell Journal, Issue 41, Fall 1995.
You can read this review, complete with photos, from this pdf file.

View pictures from the reunion by clicking on the arrows at the center-right and center-left edges of the photo. You can select a single picture by clicking on Pictures in the upper-right corner.

L-R standing on brick sidewalk: Steve Close, Leigh Williams, Marion Anderson, Scharlott Rus, Harriet Lionberger. L-R standing on steps: Leona Close, Maureen (Close) Williams, Rev. Grant Haskell, Aileen Vincett, George Vincett (Photo provided by Scharlott Rus)

Lunch at Newberry Library. Chris Haskell, Tom Haskell, Richard A. Haskell, Liz Haskell, Scharlott Rus; August 5, 1995





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